How Does Fashion fit into the Christian Woman’s Life???

I personally do not believe a Godly woman should walk around with a sack cloth on her body but at the same time the trend of short-shorts, ripped fishnets, and exposed midriffs is not for us. There is a balance. So many designers construct beautifully tailored items that compliment a woman’s body (because lets be honest here, God knew what He was doing when He have us hips and breasts). We can’t change the way God created us but we can dress in a way that allows people to see HIM without #1 All the excess of the latest trends and #2 putting on a circus by the lack of dressing for the times we live in. 
Some peoples problem, which I understand, is the excess and overly sexual nature of the fashion world. The industry is a truly believer in the “sex-sells” slogan. How do we get past all of that and still remain modest?

Here’s what some Christian fashionistas has to say about it:

“No matter how beautiful any article of clothing may be, unless it suits the wearer, unless it is functional and right for the specific purpose and time it is worn, it is not in good taste. Loud, flashy colors, poor fabrics and workmanship, and inharmonious combinations all contribute to bad taste….”

“Simplicity should border on plainness, but with the distinction that is achieved by perfect fit, beautiful line, fine tailoring, and complete suitability to the figure type.”

“Your clothes, and that includes every detail, should be the perfect background for your personality. They should add confidence to your manner, assurance and poise to your bearing. This is not vanity; it is merely the realization that your clothes are as impeccable as your deportment.”

–         “To be sure, your attire should and does attract attention, but if your costume is a foreground instead of a background, then it has been badly chosen, and you are overdressed.”


–          “Do not protest that you cannot afford to be smartly dressed. Basic good style is always to be desired rather than the novelty fashion of the moment. Your appearance advertises your ability to make the most of your natural attributes. If you wear outmoded clothes and are carelessly”


       And my FAVORITE ONE YET (I wanted to scream PREEEEAACCHHH!!!! when I read this)

If you wear outmoded clothes and are carelessly groomedyou will convey the impression that your mentality is also dated, and that you are not capable of development along the modern trendsSuch a reputation is a serious drawback to any woman.”


      As you can see there IS a place for a fashionable Christian it just needs to be a more thought out process then the rest of the world. Our choices have got to be Christ Centered at all times. 


     What do you think? What should our stance be when it comes to Fashion?

     (P.S. feel free to disagree with me! You may come up with something I never thought about).



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4 responses to “How Does Fashion fit into the Christian Woman’s Life???

  1. I whole-heartedly believe that as a Christian women I have a certain duty to my father to represent him in a way that shows the world I belong to him. I agree that we can be trendy, sexy, and all women (hear us roar) but in moderation. To the world we look “too covered up” and “plain Jane” but to our father we are the image he created us to be…well written and thought out Shanay. I love your blog BTW

  2. Thanx Shawneesa. Stay tuned for my 30 days of vintage “christian appropriate” fashion!

  3. Damon

    1st off I definitely enjoyed this blog you edited. The quotes you referred to from Christian fashionistas are some beliefs I inherit as well. How you dress is an extension of who you are and your personality. Trends come and go but if one always follows trends then how can someone establish a firm identity of self? There’s so many points you’ve opened up with this topic and this is coming from a regular dude lol. Good stuff Shanay.


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