The Proverbs 31 Man


No, this title is not a typo. Many of us have heard the reference to a P31 woman….maybe even more than once (this is often a Mother’s Day sermon). While reading this myself set off all types of thoughts in my mind. One of my deepest convictions is the importance of those closest to us helping us reach our full potential in our walk with Christ. This means that a P31 woman will reach her full potential when the men around her are P31 men.  


***Please note that this is not a to-do list but a list of my thoughts and an invitation for men to grow into the leader that God intended for you to be***


Here are a few thought as I looked carefully at Proverbs 31.

  1. The entire chapter is the saying of the MOTHER of King Lemuel. He actually quoted his mother which says a lot in Old Testament times. A P31 man has great respect for women. And the first interaction men usually learn respect from is their relationship with their mother.  So guys….whether your wife is called to be strong and visible “Deborah” (Judges 4-5) or an equally strong but behind the scenes Dorcas (or Tabitha, Acts 9:36-41), the P31 man will respect her and do all in his power to help her become all God intended for her to be.
  2. Men can be P31 men in every stage of their life: son, husband, father etc. P31 men start out as P31 sons. This means that parents can begin to groom their boys to be P31 men long before they are anyone’s husband or father. A P31 man should also be intentionally contagious J, intentionally affecting his children and other around him to have a positive attitude towards women.
  3. A P31 man will prioritize character and wisdom over worldly achievements and success. I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture.
  4. Finally P31 men know the power of encouragement. I could write a whole lot about this, but I’m sure you already know the power of genuine encouragement and how it can help people grow. …or maybe I’ll blog about it next week J

So there it is……random thoughts on the P31 man


One of my Twitter followers bought it to my attention that one of my fav authors wrote a whole books about this! I’m downloading it on my Nook today:




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