Do Your Actions Align With Your Intentions in Life????

Today I challenge everyone to align their actions with their intentions. We should live a lifestyle that is conducive to the goals we wish to accomplish in life. When adjusting our actions and way of living we must keep in mind that different roles we play make up one person and do not exist independently of one another, which also tells us that different areas of our life can never exist independently. This means we must align the actions in every area of our life with our intentions. General example, if you desire to be a successful business owner one day, you must not only focus on your actions professionally, but in every area of your life. Ask yourself, do I exhibit the characteristics of a good leader among my friends and associates? Do I treat people in a way that builds morale?  Have I been practicing effective communication with my loved ones? Do I use sound judgment when deciding what activities I will engage in and what type of people I will befriend? Do I portray a positive and upstanding image while out in public or via social networking? The answers to all of these questions should support your goal and intent. If your actions do not support your intentions it may be time for some self evaluation, which every successful person needs from time to time.  In the end one of two things need to be done….either you must adjust your actions and conduct or your intentions and goals in life. The choice is yours….. Follow me on twitter @megamotivator


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Motivator, intellectual, and YOUNG TREP. Inspiration is my thing, my mind is my strength and my business is my joy.

One response to “Do Your Actions Align With Your Intentions in Life????

  1. Mary Williams

    Well said!.. Be the best you at all times .. Every day .. With every word.. If you are not at least practicing this.. It’s not too late to start!
    Good stuff!!

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