My issue with Ann Coulter

I try to stay away from publicly speaking about politics too much. Not that I’m unaware or that I don’t care….I just don’t feel like it’s my major calling to speak about. But I was itching to get this one off my chest so here it goes.


My issue with Ann Coulter and people like her, they are so self centered and don’t actual seek to understand black people. Now there are black people who agree with her, but you can’t claim to be an expert on race when all you do is spread and spew hatred. Her superiority complex when talking about “the blacks” is nauseating. Ann feels as though, she’s so smart that she can tell black people what they should feel, because like little lost puppies, we’ve been lead astray.

But no Anne… you are no expert on race. You are just a condescending, race baiting, self fulfilling individual who’s allowed to be that because of a privilege you deny even exists.


Remember that whole “Our blacks are better than theirs” debacle speaking on Republican vs Democratic blacks….doesn’t that just have a very ownership and superior tone to it????


Never mind that we black people actually care about ACTUAL party policies when voting. Nope…it can’t be that so Super Anne has to play Captain Save a Black.


You  CANNOT be an expert on race when you refuse to HEAR, UNDERSTAND the stories, experiences and feelings of people in that community.


And if all you can do to show your party’s love for black people, is talk about, 50 or 100 years ago…you’ve lost that argument already.

Speak about the present….like the Ryan Budget whose cuts would drastically affect people of color. Or Romney not caring for the poor and struggling. Or how Mittie/Pauly would cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students even as they give tax cuts to wealthy. Your party loves black people??? Don’t piss on people and tell them it’s raining.

Annie….black people read. Black people listen. Black people understand. Black people are not cattle. Black people can smell manure. And you and your stuck up behind reeks of it. You contribute NOTHING to national discourse about ANYTHING. You are smug, WRONG, and vapid in general. Your “art” is hate….so BE GONE!!!



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3 responses to “My issue with Ann Coulter

  1. Renata

    Wow! Very well said. Still laughing at Captain Save a Black! But I agree with your position wholeheartedly. It is getting irritating that she is given interviews and public forums to spew her garbage.

  2. couldn’t ahve said it better myself, and not as nicely i might add…she gets the advantage because she has the platform to do so…but the sad thing is, she thinks she’s educating the small like minded folk such as herself. some still think we are the “blacks” that were herded like cattle tht can’t read, speak, or think for themselves, the polls will show otherwise, so for now Ann make ur wise cracks b/c “We Shall Overcome”!!

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