Seasonal Relationships

Stop allowing seasonal people to dictate your next season in your life. These friendships can have a profound effect on you and your life.  But once that season of life is over and things changes, so can the relationship.

We need to be okay with this.

I think all too often, we hold on for dear life because we feel indebted to these friends.  We have gotten so comfortable with them  being in our lives we can’t imagine life without them.

That’s not God’s design.  Instead our loving Father intentionally places these friends in our lives when we need them. He provides us with the love, support and encouragement we need from others during that time. God uses them to be his hands and feet so we can stand through whatever storm we are facing.

The seasonal friendship are actually a blessing.

Sooner or later, however, that season ends.  And by divine design, so does that friendship.


Many times we continue to grow and move on to complete the mission that God has set out for us. If you know the vision God has given you in life, don’t be afraid to cut those chords from folks who are not growing you. I don’t give too many people the privilege to enter my life. I am friendly and cordial to all but I do not associate with people who are not moving in the same direction that I am moving in….towards success.


Proverbs 13:20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,
but the companion of fools will suffer harm.



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Motivator, intellectual, and YOUNG TREP. Inspiration is my thing, my mind is my strength and my business is my joy.

One response to “Seasonal Relationships

  1. Marysavesthekids

    So true..” A reason, a season and a lifetime…” I think back on some of my “seasonal friends”.. And Thank God for the experience good and bad.

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