Five Simple Reasons NOT TO GOSSIP

Accomplished individuals do not talk trash about others so that they can get ahead.  And they don’t listen to those who do.

Kind speech is a better option

Here’s 5 simple reasons NOT TO indulge in gossip:

1.  Gossip actually changes the way we see people.

This is actually really scary.  It’s a good reason to be very choosy about what kind of information you’ll listen to–and what kind of information you’ll share with others. Even if you are not doing the talking….listening to gossip about an individual will change your view of who they are. I don’t even stand around the water cooler while the gossip is being spewed. I kindly bow out of any conversation that turns to speaking about someone who isn’t there to partake in the conversation also.

2.  Gossip produces long-term unhappiness.

A good gossip session can be pleasurable at the time, but that feeling of camaraderie and being in-the-know doesn’t last, and soon gives way to guilt.  Over the long-term gossip makes everyone unhappy. Not to mention…this goes back to the energy I always speak of. You get what energy you put out. You can only sow the seed you planted. Think about that.

3.  Gossip makes you look bad.

When you gossip about others, your listeners perceive you to have whatever qualities you are attributing to others.  So if you’re criticizing someone for being irresponsible, your hearers will perceive you to have that same flaw.  (This phenomenon is known as spontaneous trait transference–and it applies to positive comments as well. Excuse me getting a little psychological on you all). If that theory doesn’t work for you let’s go with this: We tend to point out faults in others than we see in ourselves. So take a long look in the mirror.


4.  People won’t trust you if you gossip.

If you’re gossiping to someone, it’s not much of a stretch for them to imagine you gossiping about them. That’s straight to the point.

5.  Gossip is just not nice (but you already knew that).

If you do hear gossip, let it end with you.  Choose a kinder subject, and move on. Trust me….many times friends bring up gossip (even though they may claim that’s not what it is) and I kindly move the conversation back to myself, a business idea, etc.

Think you’re not guilty of gossip?  Well, maybe that’s true.  But I’d challenge you to review my “Six Cop Outs People Use to Claim They Are Not Gossiping (when they really are)”  just to be sure. That blog entry is coming soon!!!! Follow me on Twitter @megamotivator and on instagram @MegamotivatorNay to keep up to date.


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