Who Motivates the Motivator????

So after quite a few conversations with different friends I’ve noticed some things. Most people I develop relationships with are motivators. Even my childhood friends…those who are still in my life are motivators in one way or another. I don’t do too well in draining friendships….you know…those who suck the life out of you. This goes for platonic relationships and romantic ones. I’ve also noticed that these motivators often look to me for motivation in one way or another. So I started asking myself “Who motivates the motivator?”


First off it’s not only “who” but “what”. Many of us are out here speaking and writing while working to support our families. This can be a daunting task. BUT….if you stay motivated and see the bigger picture it relieves some of the pressure. People often ask me how I find time to write, work fulltime, do community service and be a great mom. And the answer is ‘I have no idea’. I spend my time “doing” and not wondering how it can get done. So here’s what motivates a motivator

1)     Listen to good info. As you listen, apply the truths to your life & they will become what you live!

2)      Focus clearly on your goals. My goals are firmly rooted in my mind and heart. Because of this, I always have an attitude of motivation.

3)      Discipline. When you discipline yourself you will find you’re becoming more and more motivated. Being disciplined gives you victories that make you feel good, which in turn motivates you for further action. This can be discipline to stay organized, to budget your money etc.

4)      Talk to the people that we serve. Being a motivator is a form of service….and all those who come to your speaking engagements, read your blog or buy your books are those you serve. When to feel like you have to put your motivational tasks on the back burner due to circumstances remember that this is something that you have been called to do. It’s not an option. Now, what you can do is change your game plan. Maybe you can’t travel for gigs, maybe you can now only do evening and weekend gigs locally. Maybe u can only do Vlogs or webisodes and not live gigs. Destinations often have detours…and that’s OKAY. Slow progress is better than No progress!

5)      The most important of them all! Maintain a positive group of friends and colleagues. One of the best things you can do is to surround yourself with positive people who will build you up and encourage you to pursue your dreams. They will be honest with you, yes, but they will also challenge you to shoot for the stars!

I refuse to let any of my friends give up on the goal at hand. I support detours, short breathers…. But they can’t give up! Apart of my job is to motivate the motivators. Keeping them motivated so when I’m down there is someone to motivate me.

If one of my friends/ motivators give up that means 2 things. One, I have one less motivator, and two, I failed! So shout out to all my motivators because I refuse to be a full time worker and a part time friend!


About shoesandscriptures

Motivator, intellectual, and YOUNG TREP. Inspiration is my thing, my mind is my strength and my business is my joy.

One response to “Who Motivates the Motivator????

  1. A shout out right back to you! Everyone needs someone in their corner to continuously push them in the direction they need to go.

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