Removing Negative People From Your Life

Last blog entry I stated that “you stay motivated by surrounding yourself with positive people”. Later I was asked “well what do you do with the others in your life?” So…let’s talk about how to remove negative people from your life. There comes a point in many relationships when you know that you need to end it. Romantic, friendships, or even family members! No matter whom it is, if you know on some level that they are doing you more harm than good… Evict them from your life. Immediately! While it may sound harsh, you owe it to yourself and your sense of inner peace to eliminate unhealthy people from your circle as soon as possible.

If an individual makes you feel bad about yourself, what you do, how you are…. then the person is toxic. Toxic people often make others feel badly in order to feel better about themselves. Or they discourage you from following your dreams because they don’t have the courage or discipline to follow theirs. These people serve no purpose and as you get closer to your goals in life, you have much less time for idle relationships. And you faster you cut idle people out of your routine the faster you will reach your goals.

If this person is a family member and you can’t “evict” them minimize the time spent around them. You can also set clear boundaries with toxic people who you can’t evict. If they cross a line and they go too far with their commentary then let them know that although you love them and care for them, their negativity isn’t welcome. Explain to them that if they can’t be positive or respectful, then you can’t be around them.

And I know I repeat this alot but, surround yourself with positive people! The more time you spend with positive people the less time you have for the joy kills. I’ve also noticed that people will either change or remove themselves. Usually it’s removing themselves….because many fear change. Positive thinking is changing your whole mindset! This can be difficult for most…and as I stated earlier….many of these people lack courage to take these kinds of life steps.  I have purposely invited “joy killers” to events where I knew alot of positive energy would be in the room. They both love it and want more of it which helps them change for the better… or they hate it. They sit in the corner with their face balled up basking in their negative aura and they never want to come with me again. So instead of me needing to evict them they break the friendship lease themselves.

Bottom line is that people in your life either pull you up or bring you down. It’s one or the other….you determine what your relationships do for you. Once you come to that conclusion it’s all on you. We Are Responsible for Everything in Our Lives! Including the relationships we maintain. Stay Mega Motivated.


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One response to “Removing Negative People From Your Life

  1. It takes so much more energy to be negative not to mention the energy it takes to convince someone else not to be negative. (Sigh! It’s just too much….EVICT, EVICT, EVICT!

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