WARNING: This may be an offensive subject to some. It is something Christians need to consider, and I have made a point to discuss it here in a modest manner.

Many people have asked me my stance in this subject. And I don’t have all the answers. But here’s my attempt to organize my thoughts in an intelligent manner.


Is masturbation a sin? For those of you who aren’t virgins and are trying to start over and wait until your married masturbating may be what keeps you going strong with your celibacy. Single women and men that are not sexually sinning with another will not have an outlet to relieve sexual tension. The first thing we must ask ourselves is, how do we become sexually excited when there is no marriage partner on the scene. The answer is obvious for 2 reasons:

1. Sight

2. Mind

First is sight. Every place we look we see sex. I can’t even go into a convenience store to buy my son a snack without being bombarded with soft core porn on a magazine cover right in visible sight. You try to turn away and then you spot the good looking half dressed women or men on the front. I was standing in line at a local store to pay for my coffee and there was a woman in front of me. Her eyes were fixed on the rack of condoms. What do you think was going through her mind at that time?

Second is mind, which dovetails sight. When we see things that trigger our sexual thoughts, we could possibly apply those pictures or items to someone we know personally. We may see someone we like (applies to both male and female) and then create a sexual scenario in our mind with what we saw and then if we are unmarried, we may put ourselves into extreme sexual excitement (sin) and have no release. So what is the next step for release without a partner, self lovin aka masturbation.

First, let’s examine a scripture that is often pointed to as “proving” masturbation is, indeed, a sin (gotta get this out of the way). The passage is Genesis 38:8-10. Onan was supposed to take his sister-in-law as his wife which was both customary when a man’s brother had no children and would later be included in the Law of Moses with that purpose in mind (Deuteronomy 25:5). In this case, God has specifically commanded Onan to do so (see verse 8). Onan was killed, not because he may have maturbated, but because he disobeyed God by not giving his new wife a child. The sin was not the fact that he “spilled his seed on the ground” but it was that he did not do what he was supposed to do for his brother’s wife by giving her children. Okay….moving along.

For me say masturbation is a sin for everybody in every case would be me binding what God has not bound. The Bible just does not specifically say such. But for many, masturbation is often a symptom of something else such as a heart of sinful sexual lust like I mentioned above. The masturbation may not be a sin itself, but the heart of evil lust certainly is.


So bottom line is masturbation may not always be sinful, but when it stems from an evil heart, or when it causes an evil heart or other sins………………STAY AWAY!!!


Not to mention…I can rationalize how it’s not a sin and very much needed all day and tomorrow…but we all know the devil will always try to convince us that sin is not sin as long as it is not boldly written out in the word of God. So while it makes sense to stay on my path of celibacy with “self love” my heart says it just isn’t right…..


Feel free to chime in with your views 🙂